Administrative Supervisor


Job responsibilities

• Coordinate and manage the company’s administrative logistics services and team management.

• Responsible for the company’s asset management, materials, and office supplies management.

• Responsible for the preparation, review and inventory of the company’s annual administrative budget, and effective control of internal administrative expenses.

• Responsible for the supervision and promotion of the company’s business processes and work tasks.

• Responsible for coordinating with property owners, property owners and external relevant departments.

• Assist the company in formulating a comprehensive administrative module work development plan.

• Be able to effectively implement the relevant management rules and regulations of the administrative Department and the implementation of supervision and inspection systems, and be able to make timely and effective adjustments based on local conditions.

• Responsible for handling company emergencies.

• Responsible for organizing, coordinating and arranging various meetings and large-scale activities of the property company.

Job requirements

• Possession of a Turkish driving license is preferred.

• College degree or above, more than one year of administrative experience is preferred.

• Relevant legal work experience or background is preferred.

• Efficient administrative management and coordination skills, strong adaptability and execution, and good learning ability.

• Computer proficiency, strong numeracy, literacy and IT skills.

• Able to work under pressure and manage multiple tasks under pressure.

• Lived in Turkey for 3 years and above.

What we offer

• A large number of clearly defined opportunities for advancement and development.

• Monthly performance bonus.

• A varied and exciting work environment.

• Free parking.

• Interesting and varied tasks.

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