Qiuyang (Charles) Lu

Charles Lu

“Since I joined CIRRO, I have become part of something great. CIRRO can provide all-around supply chain and logistics solutions for all the brands and businesses inspired to scale up globally. It made me feel extraordinary when we went additional miles to fulfill our client’s needs and grow with them together.”

Ming Wang

“Transparency eliminates “Surprises”. Efficiency makes no delays. Accuracy avoids a loss.

Zhenghao Chen

Zhenghao Chen

“Value creation is about combining competitive products with customer-focused experiences. Building trustworthy relationships, ensuring reliability, and a win-win mindset are at the core of our business practices. We strive to deliver what truly matters to you.”

Vincent D’Amato

CIRRO E-Commerce Vincent D'Amato

“Behind the curtain of e-commerce lies a vast ecosystem of mechanisms that must synchronize to create a great consumer experience, and our collective team is at the heart of this.”