March 29, 2022

CIRRO Fulfillment selected as eBay’s official “Gold-Certified Fulfillment Center”

SHENZHEN, April 3, 2022

CIRRO Fulfillment is officially certified by eBay to be a “Gold-Certified Fulfillment Center” on March 29, 2022.

eBay evaluates its solution providers with key performance indicators in logistics, such as the outbound time, frequency of disputes over unreceived products, and more. Every quarter, eBay awards the good performers in the past quarter with a “Gold-Certified Fulfillment Center“.

It is worth mentioning that in November 2021, eBay launched an assessment-free policy for e-commerce sellers using the services from “Gold-Certified Fulfillment Centers”. For shipments using eBay-certified fulfillment solution providers, eBay grants them a waiver of assessment if there are no delays due to e- sellers’ reasons. This will free e-sellers from worries about account logistics performance and help them spend more time and resources on product development, promotion and operation. eBay plans to roll out more supportive policies and measures to encourage e-sellers to choose “Gold-Certified Fulfillment Centers”.

“We feel honored to be selected as ‘Gold-Certified Fulfillment Center’. CIRRO Fulfillment is committed to providing stable and high-quality fulfillment solutions for the e-commerce sector. Thus, we will continuously optimize our service quality and customer experience through expansion, efficiency enhancement, and cost reduction. This way, the ecosystem maintains vitality under healthy competition and enables stakeholders to achieve a win-win scenario. CIRRO Fulfillment is the only provider with ‘Gold Solution Partner’ fully covering the seven countries: the US, the UK, Germany, Australia, France, Italy, and Spain.”

“Meanwhile, affected by complex factors, such as pandemics, wars, and escalating sanctions, reliable, stable, and efficient logistics services have become more critical than ever. CIRRO Fulfillment sees the demand of e-sellers and is always here to help e-sellers out.”

About CIRRO E-Commerce Europe:

CIRRO E-Commerce is one of the world’s leading logistics providers, delivering seamless solutions to the global cross-border e-commerce sector. CIRRO E-Commerce was founded in 2014, and has now over 1,500 employees connecting e-retailers from 6 continents and shipping over 1.2 million parcels for the e-commerce sector daily. In 2020, the European headquarters of CIRRO E-Commerce was established in the Netherlands, which works in close partnership with local operations in over 30 European countries, with subsidiaries running in 21 among them. Over 100 logistics routes are operated by CIRRO E-Commerce daily throughout Europe. CIRRO E-Commerce Europe stands out from competitors through cost-efficiency, timeliness and customized solutions tailored to the needs of e-retailers and end customers.

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