April 2, 2024

CIRRO sponsors C-Suite Spring 2024, bringing together European retail industry leaders

Brussels Belgium, March 26, 2024

 CIRRO, a leading global e-commerce logistics and fulfillment solutions provider, proudly announces its sponsorship of C-Suite Spring 2024, organized by Cross-Border Commerce Europe. This premier event gathers top executives from the retail industry across Europe.

 C-Suite Spring 2024

Scheduled for May 2-3, 2024, in Brussels, C-Suite Spring 2024 is a pivotal moment for industry leaders to converge, exchange insights, forge new partnerships, and drive actionable outcomes. This year’s event will delve into heated topics such as zero-emission home delivery, generative AI & marketplaces, and cyber security.

Thijs Boots, Vice Managing Director and Head of Sales at CIRRO E-Commerce Europe, said, “As the Silver Sponsor of C-Suite Spring 2024, CIRRO is to give four round-table sessions, showcasing our comprehensive one-stop solutions in cross-border e-commerce logistics and multichannel fulfillment. We can cover a variety of retailers’ needs, giving them the flexibility of choosing either or both solutions.”

Charles Lu, Head of Business Development at CIRRO Fulfillment Europe, added, “Leveraging our robust European network, cutting-edge AMR (Automatic Mobile Robot) technology, and deep retail industry expertise, CIRRO enables retailers to streamline operations and elevate customer experiences. We aim to assist retailers in overcoming challenges and expanding into new markets as their parcel volume grows, thus keeping them to stay ahead of the ever-evolving market.”

CIRRO invites retailers to attend this exclusive event and covers all costs except transportation fees. Join C-Suite Spring 2024, meet peers in the cross-border retail sector, and connect with CIRRO. If you want to attend C-Suite Spring 2024, please get in touch with CIRRO to get invited.


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