April 14, 2023

Discovering the role of a warehouse packer: Ana Oieda’s story at the Chicago fulfillment center

“Efficient” is one of the core values that CIRRO prioritizes. As a packer in the warehouse, how do you perceive the importance of efficiency in your role?

In my opinion, the key to being efficient is teamwork. Our team handles 1,500 orders every day, and each member has unique job responsibilities that are interconnected. For instance, the picker’s role is to pick the right item from the shelf, which enables me to pack it correctly. Each team member’s contribution is vital to ensure that we complete our tasks on time and increase our overall efficiency. Therefore, it’s crucial that every member performs their job accurately and ensures that they finish it within the designated timeframe. With everyone working together and fulfilling their responsibilities, we can achieve greater efficiency.

Can you tell us about your experience with improving warehouse efficiency?

Previously, our pickers used to put the items they picked in any available empty place they could find. However, we have now implemented a new site plan where we allocate specific spaces for each channel and organize items accordingly. Since the implementation of this site plan, packing orders has become a faster process than before.

As I mentioned before, teamwork is essential for us. When I notice a picker is slow, I communicate with him/her to make sure that I receive the order on time since my work depends on pickers’ timely picking. I try to motivate pickers to work faster and prioritize organizing the tasks that require immediate attention.

We need to be flexible with our plans as delivery drivers may arrive at different times, and we may need to change the order of delivery accordingly. Therefore, it’s crucial to stay adaptable and prioritize tasks based on their urgency to ensure that we meet our delivery deadlines.

How do you reduce mistakes in the warehouse?

I prioritize paying attention to the details in my work. Before putting the label on the package, I check it two or three times to ensure that everything is accurate. This includes double-checking the order picked by the pickers to confirm that they have selected the correct amounts of items for the order. By taking these extra steps, I aim to minimize errors and ensure that each package is correctly labeled and ready for delivery.

We understand that our company has a diverse workforce with employees from different backgrounds. What are your thoughts on diversity in the workplace?

Respect for one another is crucial when it comes to diversity. In our team, everyone is treated with respect, and no one feels discriminated against. We strive to create a balanced and comfortable environment where everyone can feel included. I have a great relationship with my team leader and supervisor. They support me, and we work together to achieve our goals as a team. My background or position in the company doesn’t matter because they recognize the value of my experience and knowledge gained during my time here.

What do you believe has contributed to your growth within this company?

I have been working at this company for a year, and before joining the warehouse team, I had no prior experience in this field.  However, my team leader and supervisor have been incredibly supportive and have taught me a lot.  Additionally, I have taken the initiative to learn the systems and processes on my own to help resolve issues at work.  As a result, I am now proficient in various tasks in the packing team, including scanning labels, tracking orders, and managing inventory.  Moreover, I have also been able to assist the receiving team in improving their job performance.