April 10, 2024

Tips on how to choose Amazon FBA Prep to boost your e-commerce

86% of Amazon sellers harnessed the power of Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), with 21% combining FBA with Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) and 68% relying exclusively on FBA for their sales success. Even with the right strategies, errors in packaging and labeling can lead to product rejection from Amazon’s fulfillment centers, affecting efficiency. This is where FBA Prep Service comes into the picture. Let’s discover why an FBA prep service might be essential for you and how to select the right FBA service.

How does FBA Pre Service work?

FBA Pre Service starts with receiving and inspecting the sellers’ inventory at their warehouse, ensuring the items are undamaged, accurately counted, and meet Amazon’s standards. The items are then prepared and packaged according to Amazon’s guidelines, including appropriate wrapping and packaging for shipment and storage. It includes preparing Amazon-specific labels and shipping the prepped items to an Amazon fulfillment center.

FBA pre service work

Why FBA Prep Service is game-changer for your e-commerce business?

In 2022, Independent Amazon Sellers in the U.S. sold more than 4.1 billion items, around 7,400 products per minute. Here are four reasons why leveraging FBA Prep can sharpen your competitive edge:

Meeting Amazon’s packaging standards

Ensuring products meet Amazon’s strict packaging and preparation standards can be complex. The FBA Prep Service ensures all items comply with these requirements, avoiding possible rejections or delays.

Time and money saving

Stroaging, preparing, packaging, and labeling of products can be time-consuming and costly, especially for sellers with large inventories or limited resources. Although Amazon FBA Fees will decrease for Standard-sized products by $0.20 per unit and for Large Bulky-sized products by $0.61 per unit in 2024, there is additional cost associated with understocking and overstocking products in FBA Fulfillment centers.

Reduced operational hassle

FBA doesn’t manage inventory. Outsourcing prep work minimizes operational haasle like inventory tracking, inspection, packaging, bundling and labelling, allowing sellers to focus on scaling their business.

Faster shipping and turnaround

With a typical 24-48 hour turnaround time for order processing, products prepped through FBA Prep can be expedited more efficiently upon reaching an Amazon fulfillment center, ensuring quicker delivery times to customers.

What you need to consider when you pick FBA Prep Service

Extensive warehouse network with strategic location

The location of the warehouse can affect shipping times and costs. Opt for your FBA Prep Service with a widespread and strategically located warehouse network can enhance your market reach while reducing transit times and costs.

Service offering

Assess the range of services provided. Ensure they cover all the necessary steps, such as inspection, labeling, packaging, budling and any specific preparation required for your products to align with Amazon standards.

Technology and integration

Check if the service uses technology that can seamlessly integrate with your Amazon account for real-time updates and inventory tracking.

Flexibility and scalability

Look for a service that offers flexibility and can cater to your specific needs, whether it’s handling fragile items, dealing with seasonal spikes. It’s important that the service can grow alongside your business and can handle increased volumes of goods efficiently.

Elevate your Amazon FBA Prep with CIRRO Fulfillment

CIRRO Fulfillment has a vast network of over 80 fulfillment centers strategically located across North America, Europe, and Oceania, including 28 in North America, 32 in Europe, and 4 in Oceania. This extensive presence helps you expand your global reach in the key regions and streamline your logistics operations.

As your central logistics hub, our FBA Prep Service ensures accurate and efficient product preparation for shipment, including labeling, bundling, packaging, and inspection. Thanks to seamless Amazon integration, you can always monitor your order status.