HR Recruiter


Job responsibilities

• Based on the existing labor structures and business development needs, design and executed recruitment plans and ensure that recruitment goals are achieved.

• Complete the preparation and release of job recruitment advertisements and draw a portrait of talent.

• Responsible for the development, maintenance and update of recruitment websites, as well as information communication on recruitment websites.

• Responsible for collecting and screening resumes, communicating and arranging candidate interviews, and issuing comprehensive evaluation opinions to ensure that the interview work is carried out and the assessment results are consistent with the position.

• Responsible for establishing the enterprise’s talent pool, doing a good job in resume management and information confidentiality.

• Confirm the employment information internally, communicate with potential candidates, and complete the issuance of employment notices.

• Follow up on employee registration and pay attention to employee retention.

• Analyze recruitment data and results, and continuously optimize recruitment actions.

Job requirements

• Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, or related field (or equivalent work experience).

• Proven experience in human resources, particularly in labor outsourcing and contract management.

• Strong understanding of labor laws and regulations.

• Bilingual in Chinese and English, Trilingual in English, Spanish and Chinese even better.

• Exceptional negotiation and communication skills.

• Attention to detail and strong organizational abilities.

• Proficiency in HR software and Microsoft Office Suite.

What we offer

• Rapid developing company with listing potential, one of the top leaders in the market;

• A youthful, dynamic and highly engaged workplace based on a culture of respect and excellence;

• Competitive Salary Package;

• Visa sponsorship possibilities, bonus, pension, etc.;

• High localized team with flexible, harmonious and ambitious atmosphere;

• Festival gifts & team building activities.

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