Warehouse Supervisor


Job responsibilities

• Coordinating and managing the internal work of the warehouse, ensuring the quality of the warehouse operations, controlling warehouse management costs and labor costs, and doing a good job of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

• Supervise and inspect warehouse operation specifications, promote 6S construction, ensure safety of personnel and goods in the warehouse, and take safety measures such as fire prevention and theft prevention.

• Supervise and inspect the maintenance and upkeep of various types of equipment in the warehouse, manage materials and consumables, save costs, provide guarantee for warehouse operations, coordinate various work communications between the warehouse and functional departments, ensure that information is conveyed in place and supervises the implementation of feedback.

• Organize regular meetings, formulate work goals and plans, and coordinate to solve problems and difficulties of each group.

• Do a good job in team building in the warehouse, formulate talent training and talent reserve plans and do a good job in performance appraisal of internal team leaders and employees.

Job requirements

• Bachelor degree or above, or relevant HR experience or background.

• Turkish, English and Chinese are accessible for listening, speaking, reading and writing and can be used for daily work communication.

• More than 3 years of human resources-related experience in Turkey, preference will be given to those with working experience in the warehousing and logistics industry.

What we offer

• A large number of clearly defined opportunities for advancement and development.

• Monthly performance bonus.

• A varied and exciting work environment.

• Free parking.

• Interesting and varied tasks.

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